Art Bracelet Marrel flowers 25mm

Fates designs different Art bracelets for museums. We have designed these "Tree of Life or Sefirot" bracelets especially for the Jewish Cultural Center in Amsterdam.

What is the Kabbalah Tree of Life?
The kabbalistic tree of life (Sefirot / Tree of life) is a model with which kabbalists symbolically represent the entire universe and its origin.

In the kabbalah the ten sefirot form the underlying structure of all that is. Its study contributes to understanding about the functioning of everything that exists.

The tree of life symbolizes wisdom, protection, power, abundance, beauty, and redemption. The tree of life is of course also a symbol for life itself. With his roots in the earth, he has contact with the underworld, with his branches he reaches to heaven.

Handmade in Holland. 

Packaging: The bracelets are in a beautiful matching gift box. 

Custom made: Do you want to have your own design made? For more information click here.

Material: Rubber and magnetic lock


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