Back in 2005 we started our family business. We are Rita Radoux and Marloes Bruijn , mother and daughter team , who jointly run the company .

Our goal  is simple:  To design, produce and sell beautiful and exclusive jewellery that is made in a fair way.

Our jewellery is all made by hand and only in limited editions.

We alternate clean and sober lines with exuberant colours and shapes. We love contrasts and having fun with  quirky plays on design.  We use only the best quality materials and many are produced here in Europe,  the only exception being our gemstones. These are usually sourced from India or Uruguay.  Our scarves are produced for us in India. We think it is important that you and your customers know how and where our products are made.
Behind every product is a story, one which we are excited to share.

We are proud of our company and of our collections which reflects our passion for creative styling and craftsmanship. We hope that you will enjoy them too.

 Rita Radoux & Marloes Bruijn

January 2018.

Welcome to the FATES Wholesale webshop www.fatesbusiness.com

 As a business customer, you can purchase for your shop, gallery or museum shop via this webshop.

Are you a private citizen? Then you can buy fates jewelry through www.fates.nl

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