Art Bracelets

Designer duo, Marloes & Rita from Fates, design modern and contemporary bracelets based on different art and timely design trends.
The current collection of art bracelets is a homage to 17th century art. From various beautiful still lifes, by Jan Davidszn de Heem and Jacob Marrel, we make collages and print them on rubber and locks. Marrel is known for his whimsically shaped red-white striped tulips which he combines with insects and shells.
Another medieval source of inspiration is the typical Dutch Delft Blue. At that time, but still today, the Delft Blue was highly sought after. Tiles, vases and crockery were provided with typical Dutch scenes. Medieval art in a modern look that fits with today’s fashion.

The bracelets are in a beautiful matching box. A wonderful gift, for yourself or for someone else.
TIP! The Cube necklaces also match well with the Art Bracelets. This is how you make a matching set. Handmade in Holland.

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