Wholesale not Retail The Fatesbusiness online shop is only for companies / organizations with an official Chamber of Commerce registration and VAT number. Please note that we do not sell directly to individual customers via this site.

Area protection. Fates offers area protection. This means that in areas per 100,000 residents there can be a maximum of 1 point of sale provided there is regular purchasing. This is wholly at the discretion of Fates. However, we offer several collections. For example, if you only want to sell cubes and no other products from us, then there is the possibility for other retailers to sell these products. Of course, consultation is always possible. 

ReturnsPurchased products can in principle not be returned.  Check your order carefully and if you have any complaints, contact us as soon as possible (no later than 14 days after receiving your order)by mail at info@fates.nl or telephone Rita Radoux +31 641653000. We will endeavour to find a solution for any problems. 

Minimum order:The minimum order is 300, - euro. 

How quickly will your order be  processed.
We aim to deliver orders from the Cube Collection within 14 working days. If something is not in stock, we will contact you so that we can discuss an alternative. However, we need a little more time for very large orders. Please feel free to contact us regarding the delivery times, especially if you are outside the European Union.
The leather and stingray collections  have  a delivery time of around 30 working days. 

Handmade. As our products are made by hand and are often made of natural materials, slight deviations in colour, size and texture are to be expected. This is all part of the inherent character of the natural product and in no way should be seen as a fault.  We especially want to draw your attention to the texture of the stingray collection. The skin of the ray is dotted with small scales that can vary greatly in size. We do our utmost to ensure the best match possible but small variations are possible. 

Jewellery Care: Your customers naturally want to enjoy the unique jewellery that they have bought from you for as long as possible. Proper care is of great importance to ensure that it keeps looking its best.  You can read more under the heading " Jewellery Care" and so advise your customers  accordingly on how to care for their jewellery.  

Welcome to the FATES Wholesale webshop www.fatesbusiness.com

 As a business customer, you can purchase for your shop, gallery or museum shop via this webshop.

Are you a private citizen? Then you can buy fates jewelry through www.fates.nl

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