Jewellery  Care 

The following applies to all jewellery: Never wear jewellery when either swimming or in the shower. Should it get wet, ensure it is dried thoroughly before storing carefully away.      Care should be taken to avoid contact with perfume, make up or hairspray. Ensure that creams are well absorbed before wearing jewellery.
Remove dirt and /or grease with a soft, damp cloth with a little natural soap. Avoid chemicals and do not use so-called jewellery baths which are too abrasive and harsh.
Be careful with the colour red! Do not wear / store on lighter colours or with white.
If the customer has a high skin acidity, this can affect materials more quickly. This applies in particular to rubber / PVC. The rubber can harden and discolour. This also applies to the cubes. Silver can also discolour and tarnish more readily. Unfortunately nothing can be done about this.
Rubber / PVC does not last forever and will become less attractive over time. If this is the case then it is time for a new choker.
Everything that has colour, even gemstones, may discolour with long-term exposure to direct sunlight.  

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