The story

It all started.....with a trip through India and Kashmir.
That is where Fate's story begins.  In this wonderfully enigmatic and vibrant country with its many cultures and complex history,  we fell in love with the stunning textiles and materials that can be found there.
We both have a passion for gemstones, the unsurpassable art work of Mother Nature. Created millions of years ago and grown into fabulously beautiful crystals, we are still after all these years rendered speechless in wonder by their beauty and natural splendour.
But India has so much more. Gorgeous silks. Tough and coarse hessian. Hibiscus fibres, beautiful cotton, just too many to mention here. But for us an endless source of inspiration and fascination.
But now we have exciting new horizons to explore and to inspire us. Marloes moved with her family to Japan in early 2018  for a two year posting and we are extremely curious to see how that particular adventure will go! 

Everything at Fates is handmade.
We combines many different materials from all over the world into our  designs and they all have their own individual story. 

Origins of materials : Portugal, Spain, Germany, Italy, Thailand, India, Philippines, Uruguay, Afghanistan. 

In 2018 Fates is selling her gorgeous jewellery in over fifty shops and museums in the Netherlands, but you also find us in Germany, England, Belgium, Israel, Dubai, Curacao, South Africa and coming soon Japan and Australia.

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