Summer type

February 14, 2019

Summer type

If you are a summer type, your appearance is often soft, elegant and friendly. Your best colors are greyed and pretty cool (muted colors).

The trick is not to wear bright colors. Muted colors let will bring out the best in you!!

Both the eye color, the hair color and the skin color of the summer type are calm and neutral. The eye color is often a mixture of, for example, blue, gray, brown and green.

It may happen that you used to be a different color type, but by aging your hair turned grey and you now have become a summer type.

Don't wear black. That color is too hard and can make you look pale, tired or gray.

Beautiful colors include: all kinds of smoky shades of brown, taupe shades, shades of gray, all kinds of quiet green nuances, muted shades of blue, muted rosy shades, dull pink, deep pink, old pink, burgundy red, muted red, greyish light and middle turquoise, aubergine, light navy blue, petrol hues, middle pine green , purple, neutral white tones.

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