Autumn type

February 14, 2019

Autumn type

Are you an autumn type? Then you are at your best in warm, muted, more dark colors. Your colors have a rich, golden tone.

The warm, rich colors of the autumn type remind us of an autumn forest.

The autumn type generally has a fairly high dark / light contrast in his or her appearance. By this we mean the light / dark contrast between the skin, hair, eyebrows and eyes. Autumn types usually have fairly dark hair, fairly dark eyes and light skin.

Some of the favorite colors for the autumn type are warm earth tones such as: warm brown tones, mahogany, golden yellow, corn yellow, warm green, petrol, olive green, moss green, avocado, rust brown, muted orange, cognac, peach, khaki, apricot, terracotta, warm burgundy, warm gray, mustard, salmon, turquoise, coral and warm white. 
Preferably take muted (covered) colors.

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