Catherina, Tsarina of Russia, NEW ROYAL COLLECTION!

Choker 2 lines: Montan rubber/ Blue velvet
Lapis (LA)

Rich and soft materials are the base for our new "Royal Collection".

In the old days, only the richest and most important people had the opportunity to wear velvet and silk. Nowadays everyone can feel rich with this soft Royal necklace from Fates.

The new interchangeable Cube Lapis is Royal blue. This spiritual gem gives enlightenment, wisdom and inner peace.

The material (high quality rubber, velvet and resin) is pleasantly lightweight and therefore very wearable. Secures with a magnetic clasp so very easy to open and close.
The clasps are made of either silver or gold plated stainless steel.

Interchangeable jewellery
Customers will return again and again wanting to add to their collection from our ever evolving collectable range.

Cubes can be ordered under the button Loose Cubes

Size cube: 45 x 36 mm
Lock Size:


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