Bracelet Petrified Wood (fossil)

Rubber: brown/militairy
Gemstone: Petrified wood

Between the two lines of rubber are 12mm gemstones of petrified wood. The combination of real gemstones with rubber gives a new, minimalistic but also elegant look.
As always light in weight and easy to wrap around your wrist. One size fits all!

Please have a look at the matching earrings!

Petrified wood, is a fossil that is millions of years old. It is a grounding, soothing and gentle stone. He promotes our connection with the earth and helps against homesickness. As a result, we always feel that we are in the right place and we feel at home. The stone calms, creates a nice atmosphere and a feeling of well-being.

The stone appears in many shades of brown. Every bracelet and earring is therefore different. We try to match as well as possible.

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